I'm studying for a Masters degree at NYU and heard about this program from an Israeli friend. I'm so happy I decided to join! My husband and I were delighted to meet our host family and their friends for dinner, and they truly made us feel at home. We loved having the opportunity to meet incredible new people, share our experiences and learn about their lives. We will definitely keep in touch; we already have plans to go to the Jewish Museum and other meaningful places together. I believe any Israeli student will benefit from forming such a connection with Jewish families while studying in the U.S., and I hope this program will expand to more cities in the future!

Mica, Israeli Graduate Student, NEW YORK

Ron and I very much enjoy our involvement with the Bnai Bayit program. It provides us with another link to Israel and its future leaders.  We were fortunate to be paired with two lovely couples and have had the opportunity to share occasional dinners, holidays and mitzvahs with them.  We even met one of our couples ' extended families when we visited Israel and are looking forward to the birth of their first baby!

Ron and Maya, Host Family , BOSTON  

We had a wonderful dinner with Lidor. He is a delightful and remarkable young man, so very bright and so very poised. We are thrilled and honored to have gotten to meet him and expect him to be an important part of our lives going forward.Thank you for this opportunity.
Hal and Jodi, Host Family, NEW YORK

Thank you so much for a beautiful event today. I had a great time and it was great to see that there are so many people in the group.   Hope you know you're doing an amazing work! Making all of us feel at home faraway from home. For most of us, it is our first time trying to build a life abroad, away from all of our support, family, and friends. It gives such a comforting feeling to know that we have someone here who welcomes us and makes us feel at home.  So, thank you for opening your heart to us.  

Assaf, Israeli Graduate Student, NEW YORK

Happy Hanukkah!

Can you tell me how I might be able to get a couple of Bnai Bayit mugs?  I LOVE this program, and I LOVE the student we were matched with, and I want to advertise when I have guests!


Jenny, Duke University, Host Family

We have been fortunate to get paired with Itai and Goni. Unbeknownst to us at the time we were paired, Goni gave birth to a beautiful little girl in the fall so our blessing has grown to include little Yahli. The time we have spent with the three of them has given us a unique insight into the lives of these extraordinary Israelis. Goni was raised on a kibbutz and has taught us about the life she enjoyed as a child in Northern Israel. Itai is an engineer and brilliant entrepreneur. The work he is doing at Sloane and in his private company is inspiring and reinforces our belief that Israel is a wonder of the modern world and that the young people of the country will continue to grow their economy and society at remarkable levels.

We hope that we are able to provide them with a small sense of family when we are together. We like to discuss their experience here in the Boston area and the challenges of raising a baby in a foreign country and their overall American experience.Lorri and Gordon, Host Family, BOSTON