B'ruchim Ha'ba'im! Bnai Bayit welcomes you!

The goal of Bnai Bayit is to foster people-to-people connections among Israelis and the North American Jewish community. We believe that opening our homes to Israelis visiting in our midst is a way to build friendships and greater understanding between Israelis and North America Jews. We also believe that welcoming you, our visiting Israeli "family," with an open heart is the right thing to do. We hope to introduce you to our diverse Jewish lives, both to deepen your connection to the global Jewish community and to enhance an understanding of the experiences we face.  The host families will learn from you about the nuances of contemporary Israel, build a meaningful relationship with an Israeli (hosts have had different levels of exposure to Israel) and gain a deeper appreciation of the experiences and challenges of life in Israel. Bnai Bayit offers an opportunity to create lifelong bonds between host families and Israelis.

We will hold  a reception for all our Israeli students and host families each year. We encourage roughly 4-5 additional meet-ups during the course of the year.

Some of those get-togethers might include:

1. Having a meal at your host family’s home for Jewish or American holidays.

2. Sharing a Shabbat dinner (or deeper Shabbat experience, if you wish) with your host family.

3. Meeting for coffee, breakfast or lunch (preferably near campus).

4. Engaging in a volunteer experience together.

5. Attending a cultural or sports event with your host family.

6. Visiting a special landmark together.

Once we send you the information about your host family match, it is up to you and the host family to connect and engage. (We are happy to help facilitate if needed. Just let us know!)

We are in the process of expanding Bnai Bayit into other communities across the United States. So, if you know of additional Israeli graduate students who might be interested, please contact us at

We hope everyone involved has a positive and enriching experience!