The goal of Bnai Bayit is to foster meaningful people-to-people connections among Israelis and members of the North American Jewish community. We do this by offering any Israeli living in our communities while studying for an advanced degree the opportunity to be paired with a local Jewish host family for the academic year.

Bnai Bayit provides a way to build friendships and develop greater understanding among Israelis and North American Jews. The benefits to both the Israeli students and American host families can be extraordinary. Exposing Israeli students to our diverse and pluralistic Jewish lives can deepen the Israelis' connections to the global Jewish community and enhance their understanding of the experiences and challenges we face as North Americans and Jews. Host families will learn more about the nuances of contemporary Israeli culture (we recognize that host families have different levels of exposure to Israel) and gain a richer appreciation of the experiences and challenges of life in Israel.

We will hold  a reception for all our Israeli students and host families each year. We encourage you to plan 4-5 additional get togethers with your student during the course of the year.

Bnai Bayit is already creating lifelong bonds between Israeli students and Jewish host families. We anticipate ongoing ripple effects from these relationships well into the future.

Who are the Israeli students?

We are reaching out to Israeli students who are here for a one-year, or in some cases multi-year, graduate course of study.  Some are married or have come with a partner; others are here alone. Some have young children. Most are in their late twenties or early thirties. They have undergraduate degrees from Israeli universities or colleges, and have completed their IDF military service.

Once we send you your Israeli student’s profile and contact information, please reach out directly and promptly to schedule your first meeting, maybe a lunch or a dinner. Creativity is encouraged!